Our longest-tenured and oldest member, Paul Rector, turns 100 on Friday and his friends and family are organizing a car parade to help him celebrate!
You’re welcome to join us in lining up near The Windsor of Savoy, 401 Burwash Ave. in Savoy, before the parade begins at 3pm Friday.
Many of us have come to know and love Paul, who retired as a pipefitter at the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant in 1985.
“Dad is older than Memorial Stadium!” his son, Jim Rector, said. “Dad’s body is worn out and his memory is gone, but his spirit is strong and his sense of humor is intact.”
Paul is also a U.S. Army veteran who fought in the South Pacific during World War II and worked at R.H. Bishop and F.R. Inskip.
“He is extremely proud of his work as a pipefitter and enjoys talking about the jobs he worked on,” his son said. “We are all looking forward to his special day.”

Paul Rector turns 100!