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A letter from the AFL-CIO to Business Manager, Matt Langendorf:



I'm sure Michigan's been on your mind. It certainly has been on mine.

Though Tea Party extremists and their right-wing millionaire friends were able to force through attacks on the middle class this past week, the people of Michigan stood up in historic ways. They know that Governor Rick Snyder and the legislators who voted with him care more about campaign donations from rich people than about their constituents. 

But we still have a lot of work to do to cut through the decades of lies and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to demonize nurses, firefighters, teachers and other hard-working people.

We’re fighting back against the negative stories the national news media is putting out about our movement by establishing a
Message Movers team—folks who are willing to push back against biased stories about unions through social media and email.

It’s been an inspiring year. When faced with disgusting political pandering and unwarranted attacks, families from California to Maine have fought back, occupied and stood up.

We’ve streamed by the tens of thousands into state capitols and organized in the face of oppression, for stronger communities, better schools, workers’ rights and good jobs for everyone. This is what the labor movement has been about since its inception, and it’s a proud tradition we must carry on.

I’m tired of hearing stories twisting the truth about working families planted by greedy CEOs, the Koch brothers, Karl Rove and other right-wing extremists and their front groups. They're happy to throw us under the bus to consolidate their own political power and wealth.

The truth—what they try hard to hide on Fox News and talk radio—is we are the people rebuilding the World Trade Center and helping to change lives, like aiding those with visual impairments through the Guide Dogs of America program.

We are the ones who pull people from burning buildings or respond to disasters like Hurricane Sandy. We are the ones who provide food, gifts or a helping hand to families during the holiday season. We are the people who built this country, defend it and who make it run every day.

We know the 1% will keep using their vast money and power to continued this stale narrative. But, as this past year has shown, money only goes so far. Working together we can cut through their deceptive narrative and make sure people know what being a union member is really about.

Become a Message Mover and change the conversation with us:


In Solidarity,

Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

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